About Me

Michael Taube in BajamarHey, I’m Michael, class 1987, and I love to eat fresh fruits and greens, to go out and move, to be creative, to practice nonviolent communication, paying it forward and to make life more wonderful.

I believe in …

  • myself
  • the wisdom of nature
  • the healing powers of mind and body
  • the law of attraction
  • mindfulness and nonviolent communication (its spirituality and transforming energy) as two of the best ways to more inner peace, happiness and love

On this website I share the knowledge and experience I got in different topics such as nutrition, physical training, nonviolent communication and more.

My purpose and also the reason why I run this site is, because I want to inspire and motivate you to reach towards your dreams and goals. I want to help you to live a life that is more wonderful, vital, connected, creative, peaceful and successful with every day.

If you want to know more about me and how it happened that I changed my lifestyle you can read my story here.

In case that you have any questions regarding health, nutrition, training, communication or you just need someone who listens and helps you to figure out a solution for your problem feel free to contact me.

For more fulfillment in life,