My Story

I was born and grew up in small town named Pritzwalk, Germany. In my early childhood I was rarely interested in sports. I went to a Fencing Club twice a week, but was always looking forward to the Basketball game that happened at the end of training. The other days afternoons I spend in front of the TV or computer to play games. As I grew older and changed to my secondary school I quit going to the Fencing Club and started to hang out with friends, playing Basketball only from time to time, smoking tobacco and pot, drinking alcohol at the weekend. But during my teens I also found my own creativity through Graffiti and photography. I made several trips exploring the landscape around my hometown and visiting old urban structures to document them.

Two to four times a year I experienced a heavy cold and was very ill for one or two weeks. A typical weekend for me looked like this: staying with friends at their home, having a lot of alcohol, joints and cigarettes, coming back home late at night and sleeping until midday. I was very weak and did no sports at all. When I had to pass a test in school sports in 10th degree to do 10 pull-ups I was not able to execute one single rep. Now I usually get out of bad at 6 am from Monday to Sunday and train my body two to three times a week with bodyweight exercises and running the days between. By now (May, 2016) I am able do to 8 dead hang pull-ups, 15 push-ups and 8 one legged pistols squats and I am still improving my strength.

Michael Taube - 2 Arm Elbow Lever

Why I went vegetarian

In the end of 2006 I documented how one of my uncles killed a rabbit and pulled the skin of that poor non-human animal. On this day I decided to become vegetarian from the beginning of 2007 and since 1st of January 2007 I never had dead flesh, fish or eggs again. For me the change from eating almost everything to eating a diet without flesh, fish or eggs was not such a big deal. I still consumed lots of the high sugar, high fat, high processed stuff my parents bought and I even started to eat more dairy products. The bigger challenge was to be the only vegetarian I knew so far and to be questioned by all the people around me. But in the end for most of my friends it was not so a big difference as it was as I went vegan.


In autumn 2007 I moved to Berlin. I started to study Computer Engineering but gave up after two weeks. I began a job as a student to earn some money and it was okay, but I was very depressed. I visited a doctor and he gave me the advice to start exercising and to keep it light on drugs. I started to jog and a friend inspired me to go vegan, in January 2008. I stopped using animal products when there was only one vegan restaurant in berlin and most of the people didn’t even know what vegan is. In the beginning of 2008 I started a therapy to reduce my consumption of marihuana and finally I stopped buying it. I quit smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol completely and had my last joint a few years later. I changed my lifestyle but my diet was still not so healthy due to my consumption of a lot junk food. In fact I was more eating like a pudding-vegan.

Raw Veganism

In January 2009 I met two vegans who ate mainly raw foods. I talked to them and become really interested. I searched the internet for information about raw foods and everything made totally sense to me. As I started to eat only raw I fall into that high fat trap and for the next two years I struggled a lot with this diet. I ate a lot of dried fruit with nuts (which were not raw at all) and I had a lot of cravings for cooked foods. I was very dogmatic and wanted to be all raw but couldn’t figure out how I can stop my emotional binge eating, which was in fact hunger for carbohydrates.

My first contact with Nonviolent Communication

In late summer 2009 a friend handed me the book “Nonviolent Communication – A language of Life” and since that day, the way I see and approach problems and conflicts totally changed. In the following years I read a lot of different books about nonviolent communication (NVC), visited different practice groups and workshops. Even if NVC helped me with seeing myself and others and the actions we take as ways to meet our needs, it didn’t helped me feeling satisfied with my raw food diet.

High Carb Low Fat (Raw) Vegan

So I still searched for a solution, reading a lot of german books about raw food. Also I started a therapy to overcome that emotional eating, but it didn’t helped at all. Then in the mid of 2011, I found a way to eat healthy plant foods and feel satisfied after every meal and that is, in contrast to what most fitness and diet gurus and the mass media as well tell, to eat enough simple or complex carbohydrates with every meal and never restrict on calories also known as High Carb Low Fat (Raw) Vegan Diet, Starch Solution or 80-10-10 Diet if you eat all raw, except I am on a fast to clean my body.

Papayas, Bananas, Oranges

So I started to buy boxes of bananas, dates and whatever was in season. I also included more whole cooked foods in my diet and ate Raw Till 4 most of the time even if there was no name for it at that time. Since that I don’t have cravings for any kind of food because I stay hydrated with water, carbed-up with fruit or cooked carbohydrates and mineralized with lots of greens and raw veggies. After adapting to this style of eating I immediately stopped the therapy and figured out that I was never emotional binge eating. I was just very, very hungry due to a lack of simple or complex carbohydrates.

Could eating High-Carb Low-Fat also be a way for you to get your nutrition and eating habits in harmony?

This change happened in 2011, and since that time I just feel great in my body and mind 99 days out of 100. Overcoming my addictions, giving up old habits and implementing new ones such as sufficient carbs, water, proper rest and sleep, movement, practicing mindfulness and NVC gives me such an overall great feeling of joy, well-being, stability and freedom that I can work towards my goals and don’t let myself being distracted by things that really don’t matter.

When I am not crafting on my blog or the other projects I have …
I spend time with my family preferably in nature, train my body, play guitar or keyboard, collect wild edibles and fruits, create beautiful dishes and new recipes, read a book, listen to a podcast, surf through the web or I lie in the grass to watch the endless sky.

What you securely don’t know about me yet

  • I am certified as an elementary class yoga teacher
  • In 2010 I made a three week trip hitchhiking to Spain, staying there for two weeks and hitchhiking all the way back home spending only 50€
  • as a young boy I dreamed of becoming a fire fighter and later astronaut

What I really dislike is

  • movies or media that contains violence
  • violence in any form
  • unexpected wet socks
  • smoke from fires, cigarettes and so on
  • when a tree is chopped down
  • a slow internet connection
  • negative thinking and outlook on life

Now it’s your turn

So now you know me a bit better. I am looking forward to read from you, because I want to know how I can help you to live a more fulfilled and healthier life.

So tell me:
What is the biggest problem on your way to more fulfillment in life right now?

Write me your answer using my contact page or through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest.

Thank you