4 Tips your optician will never reveal to you

Do you feel tiredness, exhaustion or pain in your eyes? These four exercises can help you tremendously in finding some relaxation and done regularly they will help you improve your eyesight. Once you know the routine it will take around 5 min. If you don’t have that much time I highly recommend you doing at least blinking and palming for one to two minutes to give your eyes some rest.

You can do those exercises standing, sitting or lying as long as it is comfortable for you. If you were glasses or contact lenses read the whole text first and then take them off.

1. Blinking

The first one is the easiest thing you can do right now. Look up from your screen and blink several times, then rest for a few seconds and blink again, and even a third time blink and rest. Do it NOW!

Blinking is for your eyes important as drinking water is for your body. It helps your eyes to spread tears across and remove irritants from the surface of the cornea. A study from the university ophthalmic clinic Tübingen showed that working at screens reduces the frequency of blinking from 9.7 to 4.3 per minute and can lead to dry eye syndrome. Ophthalmologist also recommend having short breaks while working with screens to keep your eyes healthy.

2. Drawing lines, circles and eights

The second exercise aims to move your eyes in all directions, warming them up and working their flexibility as well. Just repeat each of the following points three times. Look:

  • to your left, middle, right, middle and left
  • up to the sky, middle, bottom, middle, sky
  • to your upper left corner, middle, lower right corner and back
  • to your upper right corner, middle, lower left corner and back
  • up and the circle around all corners clockwise and then counter clockwise
  • up and circle around in an eight and then all the other way around

Finish this exercise with a little bit of blinking. While doing this exercise make sure you only move your eyes and not your head. Take your time and don’t hurry through it.
Okay, you are done with this one? Then continue with the next one.

3. Focusing different distances

Raise you right or left arm, make a thumbs up sign and look at your nail for two deep breaths. Blink and look at a point that is inline but behind your thumb (it can be in the range of 1 to 30 meter). Focus on that point for two deep breaths and stay relaxed. Blink a few times and look to the point farthest possible (best if it is in line with the other two points). Take to deep breaths while focusing that point and blink. Continue focusing these three points in a randomly order until you reach a count of 10 to 30 deep breaths. If you don’t want to count your breaths you can use a timer set to one, two or 3 minutes.

This third eye training exercise is where the most improvement of your eyesight happens, however I advise you to do all of the exercises because each of them plays its role in relaxing and strengthening your eyes.

Important note: If both of your eyes have different vision do this exercise only with your weaker eye to get your eyesight in balance again. If you don’t know if both of your eyes are equally strong I recommend you to do a free eyesight test. But don’t worry for the beginning you can start without knowing if there is some kind of imbalance.

4. Palming (looking in the darkness)

Palming, eye training, vision training, eye exercisesPut your hands together and rub them like you would do on a cold winter morning. When your hands feel warm you put your palms on your eyes but your eyes stay open. Put your palms firmly so that you see nothing but black. Now take 10 deep breaths and enjoy looking into the darkness.
Looking from time to time in the dark is very important for your eye health. If you watch many hours a day into artificial lights such as screens of notebooks and mobiles, your eyes loose some kind of their capability to tighten their iris which leads to a loss in focus capability as well.

I told you 4 exercises which you can do right now to improve the health of your eyes. Now it is your turn. You almost need nothing for doing this short eye training session except the will to change something right now and a bit of time.

Done with the exercises? Please let me know how you feel afterwards commenting this post on my website.

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