This is a healthier and more nutritious alternative to industrial cereal with oats, milk, fruits and nuts. All you need is sprouted buckwheat und carob powder.


For one serving

  • 300g buckwheat, dried (to make the sprouts)
  • carob powder
  • additionally sweet fruit like banana, mango or fresh figs


At first you soak the buckwheat for 1 hour directly in the jar you are gonna to use for the sprouts. For 300g you need a jar with the volume of 1 liter or 2 to 3 smaller jars. If you use smaller jars, spread the buckwheat und soak it seperatly. 300g are around 1030 kcal. At first this seems like a lot, but if you have a daily requierement of 3000 kcal it’s only one third. It fit’s perfectly if you consume three main meals per day. If you don’t know what your daily requierement of kcal is you can calculate it here.

Sprouting buckwheat

Once the buckwheat is soaked you rinse it several times with water until the whole water is totally clear. After rinsing you place the jar in 45° angle up side down in a cool and shady place where the seeds are not directly exposed to sunlight. In the next two to three days you need to rinse the seeds in the morning, in the evening and if the weather is very warm even in midday and sometimes afternoon, too. When outer temperatures are high enough and you rinsed the buckwheat well in the beginning it’s ready to eat in one day. 🙂

If you don’t want to make the effort to sprout it by yourself you can order some pre-sprouted buckwheat* online.

Spicing up the cereal

Once the sprouts are ready to eat you place everthing in a nice bowl and add 2 to 4 table spoons carob powder*. If you don’t like the taste of carob and you like it more fruity you can add two chopped bananas, a mango, figs or berries to the sprouts but stick to a small quantitiy of one type of fruit to avoid digestive issues. Also you can add some fruit to the buckwheat-carob mix, a few slices of bananas work best for this. Keep in mind that our stomach and gut works best with mono meals and as little combinations as possible.

Enjoy your buckwheat cereal!

Is buckwhat already one of your new staples? Do you now other healthy and well combined recipes with sprouted buckwheat?

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