Eye training works! First results after two weeks

Are you still wearing a pair of glasses and your next appointment at an optometrist for a new one is close by? Then let me tell you one fact most people don’t know: You can improve your eyesight no matter how weak your eyes are. In this article I tell you my story with glasses and how I got into eye training.

My story with glasses

In childhood I had to pass an eyesight test in school. I don’t remember exactly when it was, I guess it was at the age of 10. The result of that test was, that I had to get a pair of glasses. I was diagnosed shortsighted and since that time I wore that same pair of glasses, not quite often luckily, until I learned at the age of 20 that wearing glasses makes your eyesight even worse, because the muscles in your eyes don’t have to exercise any more. The consequence is, that the eyes get more dependent on glasses.

So at 20 I decided not to wear my glasses anymore. For sure this helped with keeping my eyesight at that shortsighted level where it already was, but I didn’t help me to improve it. Eight years later, in autumn 2015, I signed up at a driving school to get a driver license. The driving school needed a test of my eyesight and finally I just passed it with wearing my old glasses. This test lighted the spark for my eye training.

Testing and a new start for my eye training

At first I did the exercises not regularly enough and I didn’t test my eyesight neither.
But on 21st of February 2016, I decided to really give it a go. I tested my eyesight with a method that is really quick and simple and it is described it the article How to test your eyesight fast and free. Doing a test with this method I got the following results: With my right eye I had a vision of 20/100, with my left 20/80 and with both eyes also 20/80. After that test I started to do my eye training regularly and made sure that I exercised my eye with the weaker results more often so that it gets as strong as the other one.

First results after two weeks

After two weeks I tested my eyesight again and finally I got to 20/80 with my right, 20/70 with my left and 20/60 with both eyes together. If you want to know how my eyesight improved after 3 months of eye training read my post Eye training: My Results after 3 months.

If your eyesight is not as strong as it could be and you are willing to improve it, I recommend you to read 4 Tips your optician will never reveal to you.

That’s it. That is my short story with glasses and how I got back into eye training and started to improve my eyesight. What is yours? When did you start wearing glasses?

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