Eyesight Testing – Dos and Don’ts

Before you approach an eyesight test, I want to give you some tips. It’s a little summary of things I do and things I definitely avoid before I test my eyesight.

3 Things I do before I test my eyesight

  • It is best to test your eyesight early in the morning. Not right after waking up, but before any strenuous computer work or something similar. After a good portion of sleep your eyes will be naturally more relaxed.
  • Relax your eyes right before the test. I do this with a technique called palming which is described in detail the article 4 Tips your optician will never reveal to you.
  • Test your eyesight regularly e.g. every two weeks, ideally at the same time. With a regular test you can see if your eyesight is improving or not. If it is improving, you will be motivated to continue your training and if is not, you will need to train your eyes more often.

6 things I wouldn’t do before testing my eyesight

  • Wearing glasses, because it’s strenuous for the muscles of the eyes
  • Watching television
  • Using a computer screen
  • Using the screen of a mobile phone
  • Washing the eyes cold, because the cold water has a tensing effect on muscles
  • Reading in general (though eye-training offers specific reading excercises)

Why Daylight matters

Daylight plays an important role in testing your eyesight and improving it as well. If you approach to test your eyesight I highly recommend to use sunlight instead of artificial light. Our eyes adapted to the natural light of the sun throughout the evolution and it can be very harmful to your eyes, if you spend looking at screens surrounded by halogen lamps. If you have the money you can get special daylight lamps which simulate daylight. If you are working a lot with computers, especially in the evening or early morning, I recommend you to use a free program called f.lux, which adapts the colors of your screen with sunrise or sunset. There are also many apps that filter the bluelight of mobiles as well.

Which points would you add to the lists above?

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