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The gym is a favoured place to hang out. Many people go there to run, train and to use the sauna. Inside the gym there are lot of different equipments that we could use to define our body, but the gym is missing is daylight, sunlight, rain, heat, cold and fresh air. A membership in a gym costs between 180 and 1200 € per year. In every beginning of a new year the sing ups for gym member ships raise, because of the intentions that people make for the new year. But most of the people stop to use their member ship und the money they invested is gone. Why stop so many of them to go to the gym? Is it a lack of motivation or endurance? Or is in not the appropriate training for them?

Why many quit their training

I believe that everybody who decides to sign up for a gym membership has the willpower to develop the habit of training regularly. But what most people miss is variety, mental challenges and different sensual stimuluses. I can understand that you don’t like to monotonous, isolated exercises with equipment in a stale room, after you have been caged at work for the whole day. Finally you want to see some daylight, breath fresh air and challenge yourself. The solution for this problem offers a holistic training of body and mind on fresh air. No matter if there is sunshine or rain.

Not enough energy

Another reason why many quit is because of a lack of energy. Inside the bodybuilding and fitness community low carb diets and calorie restriction are quite common to reduce body fat levels. But if you start to eat enough carbohydrates, you don’t need to worry about body fat and you can look defined the whole year long.

Functional Training on fresh air

A holistic and functional training with you own bodyweight offers every time new challenges. A training with your own bodyweight improves your awareness in relation to movement and position in space, strengthens the muscles and also the finest tendons. For a training like that you don’t need nothing more than some stable objects in your environment and comfortable clothing. After you did a proper warmup you chose from different bodyweight exercises for the upper and lower body. The exercises are always variations of the basic bodyweight exercises: push-ups, pull-ups, squats, jumps, quadrupedal movement, climbing and supporting positions. Build your own little sequence of these exercises and do them with a short rest in between. Do at least three rounds of the sequence you build for yourself. How a training like this could look like I show you in the following video.

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