Honeydew Heaven

Did you get warm milk with honey when you had a cold as a child? Did you like it? Then you will love this smoothie made out of honeydews. For me the warm milk with honey was a welcome accompaniment of the cold. But today I know that milk is far away from healthy for me and that I can prevent colds with a healthy lifestyle.

The following recipe is not warm, because it’s vegan raw food but it is healthier, tastier und satisfies your hunger for carbohydrates.


  • Honeydews (how many depends on their size – I used three)
  • perhaps some water


  • Blender
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Cutting Board

Preparation of the Honeydew Heaven

  1. Wash the honeydews and cut them in half
  2. Deseed them with a spoon
  3. Cut the honeydews in slices
  4. Remove the peel from the slices
  5. Put the slices into the blender and blend them until everything it’s smooth

You can add water at the start if you like. If you have a powerful blender it will work without water and in my opinion it tastes much better this way. In case that not all of the slices are fitting in to the blender at once you can slowly add them one after another while blending. If you prefer you can add some greens of your choice to turn it into a green smoothie.

Have fun while trying!

For you health,

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