On this page you find reviews from people who worked with me.

“Dear Michael, thank you very much for the mediation between my partner and myself in a crisis situation. With your help we were well able to illuminate the situation between us and to clear our problematic topics. We could recognize the other’s side, show understanding and show our needs. In addition, we have set up a plan for further action, which has helped us a lot. The clarity about the status quo and the further plan are very helpful for our further journey as a couple. I feel myself heard and relieved, as a things were really important for me. The conversation was very helpful and fun. We also have a good guide for our own discussions. Thank you for your support. “
Jasmin Breitkreuz

“He is a sincere and empathic listener. The method of non violent communication helped me to stay in the presence and to have greater introspetion while discussing personal issues.”
Arian Pieroma

“Michael is very passionate and dedicated about empathetic and non violent communication, and does a great job at teaching it in a clear and professional manner!”
Louis Chan

“Michael listens carefully from his heart, like surfing on the wave of my own flow of energy. Not from his intellect. Discussing with him while working was a gift when i needed empathy . Participating to his workshops too. I recommend!!”
Martin LaBelle

“In a role play Michael allowed me to see, what was my need instead of criticising others behaviour. Creating inner peace, compassion and understanding!”
Carsten Dolcini

“The situation I was in was becoming unmanageable but thanks to Michael we were able to get a more sane perspective and some new tools of communication through nonviolent communication. He is highly empathetic, a great listener and I will most likely contact him again for advice and support.”

“I was physically and mentally in an unstable situation. I wanted to improve my diet but did not know how. When I started the coaching with Michael I had already ate vegan, but was not satisfied with what I offered to my body. I also wanted to lose about 10 Kg, which I had gained in the last months. Since the change of food with Michaels help the pounds are gone and I fit in my old clothes again. Michael took my problem very seriously. He looked at the current situation, and then introduced ideas which were realistic and with little effort to implement. We created a nutritional plan for one week and Michael gave me more information about a healthy lifestyle. He took a lot of time to meet my needs. After the coaching I finally found satisfaction with my diet and I could overcome the discomfort of my stomach. I feel physically and mentally more stable since the coaching, and I haven*t been sick for a single day. I am very grateful that Michael was there for me in this difficult time! “
Dorit Jung

“I had decided to co-operate with Michael because I was dissatisfied with my eating habits and the resultant ineffective use of my reserves in sports and everyday life. Michael shared with me his knowledge about micro- and macronutrients, gave me valuable tips how I can implement this knowledge and I had directly the desire to try out the new findings right away. The coaching helped me expand my knowledge about the use of nutrients and get a better understanding of saturation and hunger. Since working with Michael, I have had more energy. I feel fitter, more powerful and more concentrated in everyday life. “
Daniel K.

“I chose a coaching with Michael because I needed help. I was dissatisfied with the old habits of opting for the easier and “lazy” leisure pursuit as a film look, instead of fulfilling fulfilling activities such as drawing or gardening. Michael listened to me and asked many questions that invited me to look at the situation from a different perspective. It felt good for me to share something that annoyed me and he listened attentively. The coaching helped me to express what was alive in me, seeing things from another point and being heard. “
Ellen Rietberg

“I had dragged on the anger and dissatisfaction of the whole neighborhood, and I had a discussion about money with my partner. Michael listened to me and gave me a lot of empathy. This helped me to open up, to express what was alive in me and to identify the problem fully. After the coaching I felt clearer, more focused, stronger, more grateful, easier and more able to tackle the problem. Listening to Michael’s approach and finding solutions within me fulfilled my needs for compassion, expression, clarity, and understanding. It was perfect for me. “

“Michael helped me with a decision-making process that affected my life. Through his patient listening, the reproduction of what was heard and the creation of a small, simple and clear plan, he helped me to become more aware of the different passages of my reflections and how I can proceed in sequence. After the coaching I felt more orderly, calmer and clearer. It has been a great pleasure for me to find an open ear for my difficult decision-making processes, to be able to tell anyone and to help me organize my thoughts. “
Angelika F.

“When it came to coaching, it was a good way for me to find a healthy diet. I have been struggling for years with recurring relapses into old patterns of behavior, and in “difficult” situations I used “unhealthy” food. Besides, I did not know what my body needed and I was still hungry after a big meal. Michael is a very gentle, clear and compassionate coach. We have approached my topic together and have worked out simple structures that gave me practical information and tools, both in terms of healthy and satisfying food as well as an empathic approach to myself in the short term. I am very grateful to Michael for that. “
Robert Wiens

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