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I'm Michael Taube. I help people which are unsatisfied with their health or life. I show them how to live healthier and solve conflicts within themselves or with others, so they take decisions, that lead to happiness.

On my website I publish regularly articles regarding the following questions:

How can we communicate clearer and with more compassion?

How can we eat healthier without dogmas?

How can we fulfill our dreams and wishes?

How can we live a fulfilled life?

You are ready to change your life for the better?

In my work as a coach and mediator I see humans holisticly. I work with my own model of coaching called Empathic Empowerment. This concept combines findings of buddhist mindfulness practices, nonviolent communication, positive psycholoy and natural hygiene. With my support my clients found clarity in taking difficult decisions, changed their eating behaviors in the long-term and developed a more empathic relation with them selfs and their loved ones.

In a free first talk we can get to know each other. Building on that we develop a coaching program that is customized to your needs and wishes.

Write me an E-Mail or give me a call 0049 1579 23 416


"I had dragged on the anger and dissatisfaction of the whole neighborhood, and I had a discussion about money with my partner. Michael listened to me and gave me a lot of empathy. This helped me to open up, to express what was alive in me and to identify the problem fully. After the coaching I felt clearer, more focused, stronger, more grateful, easier and more able to tackle the problem. Listening to Michael's approach and finding solutions within me fulfilled my needs for compassion, expression, clarity, and understanding. It was perfect for me. "

"Michael helped me with a decision-making process that affected my life. Through his patient listening, the reproduction of what was heard and the creation of a small, simple and clear plan, he helped me to become more aware of the different passages of my reflections and how I can proceed in sequence. After the coaching I felt more orderly, calmer and clearer. It has been a great pleasure for me to find an open ear for my difficult decision-making processes, to be able to tell anyone and to help me organize my thoughts. "
Angelika F.

"When it came to coaching, it was a good way for me to find a healthy diet. I have been struggling for years with recurring relapses into old patterns of behavior, and in "difficult" situations I used "unhealthy" food. Besides, I did not know what my body needed and I was still hungry after a big meal. Michael is a very gentle, clear and compassionate coach. We have approached my topic together and have worked out simple structures that gave me practical information and tools, both in terms of healthy and satisfying food as well as an empathic approach to myself in the short term. I am very grateful to Michael for that. "
Robert Wiens