Superfood Mamey Sapote

Did you ever try Mamey sapote also known as Red Mamey? No? I think after reading my post about this delicious fruit and it’s features, you will looking forward to try.

Origin and Growth

The Pouteria sapota, this is how it’s called in latin, originates from the south of Mexico. The evergreen tree reaches height between 15 and 45m. The tree prefers the tropical climate of middle and south amercia and lower altitudes up to 600m. But since 1880 the tree is also cultivated in the subtropical climate of Florida and also found his way to Australia and Tenerife. If you plan to go for holiday to Tenerife you can probably find it on one of the farmer markets in the north (Tegueste or Tacoronte).

Properties of Mamey Fruits

The Mamey sapote is mostly cultivated for its tasty fruit, but also the seed is used to produce soap and the red colored wood is often used to build furniture and houses. The fruit is about 10 to 25 cm long and 8 to 12 cm wide. It has a hard shell and tastes like a very sweet mixture of raspberries, strawberries and chocolate. The bright red colored flesh is dense like butter, but not fatty and it’s easy to scoop from the shell. The price per fruit is around 6 to 10 € per piece.

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Mamey Sapote / Red Mamey

What makes the Mamey sapote to a superfood

The fruits are very rich in kilocalories from carbohydrates. 100g of fruit contain around 94 to 180 kcal. A Banana for example has 94 kcal per 100g. So the Red Mamey is also a very satisfying fruit. More dense amount of calories per 100g in case of fruits is normally only found in dried or fatty fruits. Besides its caloric density it is very rich in vitamin C. 100g of fruit contain between 20-40mg of ascorbic acid. In comparison to that oranges have 50mg, tangerines around 30mg and passionfruit 24mg. That’s quite impressive for a fruit which doesn’t taste sour at all. Which other properties the Mamey owns I visualized for you in the infographic below.

Infographic Mamey Sapote, Raw Food, rawvegan, 80-10-10, superfood

And? Would you like to spoil your taste buds with a Red Mamey? If you live in a tropical climate it’s probably easy to get, but if not I guess you will have a hard time to find it in a supermarket. The best would be to do a search on the web like “buy tropical fruits” or something similar.

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For the end I have a short video for you about the tree and the fruit. The farmer explains the flourishing and what you can consider if you want to buy a fruit on a market.





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