The Power of Carbohydrates

The majority of us learned at some point in life, that a healthy and whole diet includes a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. But what many never learned is what the body really needs in one meal to feel satisfied after eating. In the following article I show you on what you can regard to feel more satisfied, alive and happier after eating.


What our body adsorbs with our daily meals we consider as nutrients. These can be separated in two major groups. One group are the micronutrients, which include vitamins and minerals, the other group are macronutrients consisting of fat, protein and carbohydrates. In the following you will learn why carbohydrates are so important for your well-being.

Carbohydrates are essential

Carbohydrates are not essential by Wikipedia, because they can be produced by our body itself through a complex process called gluconeogenesis. My experience is that they are essential for active human beings, because they give quick and easy energy. One of the main reasons that you may feel powerless and tired one day, could be that you lack in carbohydrates or sleep or both of them. You can comprise these in short-term with candy, coffee, black or green tea, but in the long-term these habits will not provide more well-being in your life.

Our brain needs sugar

The main energy deliverer that our cells are using is glucose. Especially the brain is quite fussy and uses almost nothing else. The human brain depends on glucose as main source of fuel. In the adult brain the neurons have the highest energy demand und crave continuous flow of simple sugar. If you are not eating enough carbohydrates with your meals, it can lead to fatigue, tenseness and even depression. A sufficient supply of whole carbohydrates keeps the blood sugar levels stable and helps you to overcome your challenges in life. Carbs help you to raise your mood and fight depression. My tip for you: Eat a lot of carbohydrates!

The best sources for carbohydrates

The best source for our energy needs are fruits. Most fruit types contain more than 50% water and the ones with less water contain even more sugar that we need so heavily to feel satisfied and happy after our meals. The second best source are whole cooked starchy vegetables like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, lentils, beans, corn, peas, chickpeas and grains like rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth, oat and buckwheat (also sprouted very tasty) which is part of the knotweed family.

How many carbs do you need to be satisfied

Every human is made up a bit different and we are also differently active. So everyone’s energy demand is different as well. For example a man who works 8 hours per day physically needs more than one who sits in the office all day long. A mother who is nursing may needs more than a mother who is not nursing and so on. What works for me since five years are three meals a day.

One day I eat 10 bananas and celery for breakfast, for lunch I have a smoothie made out of honeydews and for the evening almost two pounds of cooked potatoes with lettuce, tomatoes, bell pepper and so on. Another day could look like this: For breakfast 3 pounds of papaya, for lunch a green mango ice-cream and for dinner five oranges followed by a salad made of oranges, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and celery. My mother asked me once if I never snack anymore and the answer is: I don’t need, because I eat enough carbohydrates.

So to feel satisfied you need to eat a few big fruit meals or cooked starch meals per day. If you combine your fruit meals with greens (wild edibles, lettuce, celery and so on) and rotate your fruits, veggies and greens with the seasons you don’t need much to worry about nutrients. If you eat a cooked meal I recommend you to combine it with raw greens and veggies.

Now you know what you can consider at your next meal to feel satisfied and happy afterwards. If you continue to eat like this for a while, you will experience more well-being, energy and no need for snacks and desserts.

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