Why it is important to test your eyesight

To test your eyesight from time to time is important for different reasons. A free eyesight test shows you whether your eyes are healthy and normal functioning. If everything is in the green zone you can tap yourself on the shoulder and continue like you did before. If the test reveals that you are not able to see things clearly enough, you can go to anophthalmologist/optician, or you can take your health into your own hands and start with eye training to improve your vision.

Another reason for a test is your own security and the security of other traffic participants. As an acquaintance visited me he made the test and he got really bad results. He is still driving a car without glasses or lenses and I got worried, because I want all traffic participants to be as safe as possible. So if you want to make sure, that nobody gets harmed because of a lazy eye, make a free eyesight test and get yourself a pair of glasses until your vision is normal again, please.

The third reason why it is important to test your eyesight is to evaluate your own eye training. Only if you test your eyesight in the early beginning of your training and then every two weeks, you can prove if your vision gets better or not. To see your progress every once in a while will motivate you to continue your eye training.

Why you better choose to test your eyesight at home

I recommend you to test your eyesight at home because in general the muscles in your eyes are more relaxed, which leads to better results. Also you can relax your eyes right before the test. Another point is that an eyesight test at an optician costs time, energy and money. If you nearest optician is 20 min by car, the test would take also another 20 min and it will cost around 10 €. It’s not that much for one test, but if you want to see how your eyesight improves every two weeks, you would need to invest the same time, energy and money every two weeks. 60 € and 6 hours in total if you are testing and training your eyes over a period of three months. If you test your eyesight at home, you can do it now and it only takes you up to ten minutes. All you need to know about an eyesight test you can read in my post How to test your eyesight fast and free.

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